Department Administrative Orders

Mandatory Implementation of Philippine National Standard for Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles covered by PNS ISO 13006:2007 Amd. 01:2007, Ceramic tiles - Definitions, classification, characteristics and markings
Mandatory Implementation of the following Philippine National Standards: (1) PNS 03-1:2000, Steel cylinders for LPG - Part 1: Specification, (2) PNS 03-2:2000, Steel cylinders for LPG - Part 2: Method of requalification, (3) PNS 03-3:2000, Steel cylinders for LPG - Part 3: Requirements for repair, (4) PNS 189:2000, Lighting sets using miniature and sub-miniature lamps for decorative purposes - Specification, and (5) PNS 196:2000, Plywood - Specification
Standardization of Medical Grade Oxygen in Cylinders covered by PNS 103:1987, Medical grade oxygen in cylinders - Specification