Memorandum Circulars

Guidelines for the Implementation of DAO 19-05 Series of 2019
Implementing Guidelines fot the Mandatory Certification of Christmas Lights/Lighting Sets covered by the PNS 189:2000
BPS - Recognized PAB - Accredited Calibration Laboratories for PETCs
Terms of Reference for/of Department Administrative Order No. 16-02 Series of 2016 entitled: "The Creation of International Electrotechnical Commission National Committee of the Philippines (IEC-NCP)"
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 103 Series of 2008, New Rules and Regulations on BPS Product Certification Mark Scheme
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 100 Series of 2008, Mandatory Certification of PNS 49:2002 - Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement and PNS 211:2002 - Rerolled Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement Speciciations
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 099 Series of 2008, Timetable for the implementation of PNS 657:2008 - Hot-rolled steel sections - Equal-leg angles - Specification
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 097 Series of 2008, Mandatory Certification of CD/VCD/DVD Players
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 095 Series of 2008, Supplemental Control Measures on the use of ICC Mark
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 090 Series of 2007, Supplementary Guidelines on the Implementation of Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Scheme