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The S&C Portal
Why Use the S&C Portal?
Who's Behind the S&C Portal?
The S&C Portal
The Standards and Conformance (S&C) Portal is an online facility that offers an easy access to a wide range of information on standards, regulations and conformity assessment activities in the Philippines and other WTO member countries.
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Why Use the S&C Portal?
It facilitates a fast, efficient and cost-effective way of obtaining extensive information on standards, conformity assessment requirements, and other trade-related technical regulations/laws;
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Who's Behind the S&C Portal?
The S&C Portal is administered by the Department of Trade and Industry's Bureau of Product Standards (DTI-BPS), which is the National Standards Body of the Philippines and the WTO TBT Enquiry Point of the country.  
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Entries beginning with "G"

G TBT B SAU 378 - Protective clothing for fire-fighters - Laboratory test methods and performance requirements for wild land fire fighting clothing (10 pages, in English).

Year Issued: 2012
Bulletin of the Week: Protective clothing for fire-fighters (ICS 13.340.10)

G TBT N ARE162 - UAE GCC Draft of Technical Regulation for Milk and Milk Products - Liquid Jameed (6 pages, in Arabic).

Year Issued: 2013
Bulletin of the Week: Milk and Milk products - Liquid Jameed: ICS: 67.100.

G TBT N CHE 167 - Amendments to the Mineral Oil Tax Act; (7 pages; Available in German, French and Italian).

Year Issued: 2013
Bulletin of the Week: Bioethanol; biodiesel; biogas; vegetable and animal; oils or used vegetable and animal oils

G TBT N CHN 843 - National Standard of the P.R.C., Adornment-Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements (6 pages, in Chinese)

Year Issued: 2011
Bulletin of the Week: Adornments (except gemstone) (ICS: 39.060)

G TBT N CZE 156 - Draft General Measure laying down metrological and technical requirements for legal measuring instruments, including methods for their testing and verification: "taximeters" (15 pages, in Czech).

Year Issued: 2012
Bulletin of the Week: Taximeters (HS 902910)

G TBT N ECU 252 - Draft Technical Regulation of the Ecuadorian Standardization Institute (PRTE INEN) No. 095:

Year Issued: 2014
Bulletin of the Week: Lifts, escalators and moving walkways") (7 pages, in Spanish)

G TBT N GEO 66 - Georgian law "Concerning Tobacco Control" (6 pages, in Georgian).

Year Issued: 2012
Bulletin of the Week: "Tobacco production" (ICS: 65.160)

G TBT N RWA 17 - Ministerial Instruction No.21/2013 of 03/07/2013 Declaring Compulsary Rwandan Standards (37 pages in English, 37 pages in French).

Year Issued: 2014
Bulletin of the Week: Tea, Coffee. Cocoa (ICS 67.140)

G TBT N SAU 574 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) / Householdand similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-31: Particular requirements for range hoods

Year Issued: 2013
Bulletin of the Week: Household and similar electrical appliances

G TBT N THA 398 - Notification of the Ministry of Industry Regarding System for Hazard Classification and Communication of Hazardous Substances B.E. 2555(2012) (46 pages, in Thai).

Year Issued: 2012
Bulletin of the Week: Dangerous goods (HS: 29, ICS: 13.300)
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