Designation Number
Designation Number: PNS IEC/PAS 62565-2-1:2020 Title: Nanomanufacturing - Material specifications - Part 2-1: Single-wall carbon nanotubes -Blank detail specification
Designation Number: PNS IEC 62624:2021 Title: Test methods for measurement of electrical properties of carbon nanotubes
Designation Number: PNS IEC 62607-3-1:2020 Title: Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 3-1: Luminescent nanomaterials - Quantum efficiency
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TR 11360:2019 Title: Nanotechnologies – Methodology for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TR 14786:2019 Title: Nanotechnologies – Considerations for the development of chemical nomenclature for selected nano-objects
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TR 17302:2019 Title: Nanotechnologies – Framework for identifying vocabulary development for nanotechnology applications in human healthcare
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TS 80004-4:2013 Title: Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 4: Nanostructured materials
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TS 80004-7:2013 Title: Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 7: Diagnostics and therapeutics for healthcare
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TS 80004-3:2013 Title: Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 3: Carbon nano -objects
Designation Number: PNS ISO/TS 80004-5:2013 Title: Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 5: Nano/bio interface
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