Philippine National Standards (PNS) Catalogue PREVIEW

Designation Number:      PNS ISO/TR 13014:2020
Title:      Nanotechnologies - Guidance on physicochemical characterization of engineerednanoscale materials for toxicologic assessment
Subjects:      Physics. Chemistry
Edition:      (ISO published 2012w/ Cor. 1:2012)
ICS Description:      07.030
Type:      Standard

This Standard provides guidance for the physico-chemical characterization of manufactured nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA) greater than 100 nm presented for toxicological testing in order to aid in assessing and interpreting the toxicological impact of manufactured nano-objects and to allow the material under test to be differentiated from seemingly similar materials.

Status:      Published
Number of Pages:      34
Price Code:      G   (See Price Code Value)
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