Philippine National Standards (PNS) Catalogue PREVIEW

Designation Number:      PNS 156:2010
Title:      Ceramic plumbing fixtures
Subjects:      Ceramic products
Edition:      2010
ICS Description:      81.060.20
Type:      Standard

This standard cancels and replaces PNS 156:2005, Specification for Sanitary wares and PNS 993:2003, Water closets and urinals – Sanitary performance and hydraulic requirements which had been technically revised. This standard covers vitreous and non-vitreous china plumbing fixtures and specifies requirements for materials, construction, performance, testing and markings. This standard’s performance requirements and test procedures apply to all types of water closets and urinals that discharge into gravity drainage systems in permanent building and structures, independent of occupancy.

Status:      Published
Number of Pages:      56
Price Code:      L   (See Price Code Value)
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